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Our Story

Hi I’m Briana Wingard and I would like to welcome you to our website.

Briana WingardKaori means a great deal to my family. With my Dad as the founder, it all started through a little feeling of  disappointment with the candles and reed diffuses we were buying and what we were getting (or not getting!) for our money. We decided to try our hand at making our own candles (which became the new family hobby). Before long we had friends and family commenting on the lovely smell of our house and wanted candles for their homes. Initially, Dad was in charge you could say, Now he has entrusted me with many of the tasks of operating the business with a little help from Mum and Sister. Dad still helps out from time to time, it was his brains after all that laid the foundation, so we should give him some credit. You could say it’s a team effort now! 

All our products are tested in homes just like yours, with a smelly pet and an open fireplace. If our products are not doing the trick, we want to hear from you and we’ll take a look at how things can be improved.

So please enjoy looking at our website and feel free to email

We can’t wait to get started and have you enjoy the wonderful Kaori experience.